a therapeutic journey in creative problem solving


I began experimenting with beeswax as an encaustic  medium in my artmaking over 16 years ago and soon discovered the unlimited potential of beeswax in the artmaking process

I now run workshops in my katoomba  studio based on my unique beeswax  layering technique

my workshops are equally popular with practising artists looking to embrace a new medium in their artmaking as well as those looking to explore their creativity

there is an informal  and inclusive energy at my workshops

everyone works at their own pace  making their own exciting discoveries as they develop their imagery under my guidance

my  workshops cater for small groups only , where participants enjoy plenty of  individual feedback  from me on their work

I provide all materials as well as a delicious lunch and healthy refreshments throughout the day

this enables participants to get on with the fun of workshopping without any distractions

workshops by arrangement can also be designed for social groups, corporate creativity and team building, youth groups, HSC students etc. as well as one-on-one "masterclass" sessions

please contact me for more information and details of upcoming workshops

artmaking with beeswax as an encaustic medium workshop

artmaking with beeswax as an encaustic medium workshop